Sexological Healing & Bodywork

Welcome to RespiRo touch, here you will find information on different treatments and workshops that are designed to experience and explore Sacred Sexuality in a safe and respectful environment.
The base of these sessions is found in – the Sensual Healing Massage, a wonderful massage session in which the whole body receives touch and attention. An encounter between pleasure and awareness experienced in a Sensual full body massage.

For those who have had the experience of a Sensual Healing Massage and would like to experience and research their Sexuality more profound, there are a few more treatments that can help deepen, extend or intensify the experience of Sensual touch and your own Sacred Sexuality. These sessions, due to the higher amount of Intimacy and emotional depth, can only be booked after a Sensual Healing Massage. In this way we have the chance to get connected and create a safe and clear space.

– Body Flow Massage: a body to body massage session combining stretching, healing and Sensual touch.
– Tantric Touch: the Taoist Erotic massage will deepen the experience by focussing on breathework and energycirculation.
– Shamanic Eros: an adventurous erotic trip connecting Sex with Spirit.
– Sacred Intimacy: a ritualistic playground in which you and your Sacred Sexuality are the centrepoint of an exploring and exciting ceremony.

My aim with these Sensual Healing treatments is bringing back consciousness to Sex and touch, combining the Spiritual with the Sexual, and to facilitate a pleasurable experience that will give you a sensation of joy, of feeling energized and alive.

* The term Sexological Bodywork has been created by Joseph Kramer. In 1984, he founded the Body Electric School where he trained thousands of professional massage therapists, erotic bodyworkers and somatic educators.

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