Healing Bodywork

 Every session starts with a cup of organic tea and an intake in which you are invited to share your needs and desires. A space for you to arrive and to express, for me a space to tune in and receive details on how to customize your personal session. Lie down and surrender to the sound of singing bowls and the soothing smoke of lavender, roses or white sage, cleansing the energy body. Holistic massage techniques and healing touch will help you relax and deeply enjoy your body and the present moment.                               

Sessions may include the use of warm organic oil, a heated massage table and the use of a TDP (Moxa) lamp.*

.. A full body treatment with holistic approach will get you energized, recharged and inspired. 

Price for treatment
90 min = 100 euro 
120 min = 130 euro

possibilty to apply for student/discount rate

* A special form of heat treatmentaspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a biospectrum energy lamp used for muscle tightness, inflammation, skin rejuvenation or pain. It contains a heated mineral plate covered with 33 elements, a.o. aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, zinc etc., which stimulates your body to heal naturally.

Healing Massage

A healing-massage consists of a combination of massage and healing techniques. Holistic, relaxing and sports-massage, LomiLomi strokes or Shiatsu pressure points to reduce muscletension and stimulate bloodcirculation. Healing techniques to improve and rebalance the energy body, removing obstacles of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.                                                                                                       
The combination of physical and energetic work will enhance your own authentic energy to flow freely again, through your body and trough your life 

Chakra Healing

Chakra translated from Sankriet means wheal and stands for different energycentres in the body. The main 7 chakra's are of great importance regarding the well-being of body and spirit. Each chakra has its own physical function as well as emotional. It is usefull to check in on the condition of these energypoints and to rebalance them.                                                                                                                                            
With a crystal pendulum I observe the energetic field of these 7 chakras, in order to compose the treatment. Where necessary energy will be activated, harmonized or soothened, removing blockages and reconnecting the energetic body with the physical body, bringing you back into a centre of presence and harmony. 

Shamanic healing

During this session I make use of instruments like drum, ocean drum, maraca, chimes, singing bowl or voice. Besides the cleansing (smudging) with herbs, I can also use healing water, gems or flowers. Where necessary  energy will be activated, harmonized or soothened. 

An invitation to reconnect to your Totem animals, Spirit guides and ancestors finding inspiration and support for your path on Earth. 

Specifically in this session I connect to my path of Shamanism, using tools gathered during many years of ceremony and with the guidance of my personal guides. 

Aqama massage

A fullbody experience in which Hawaian LomiLomi techniques help you connect with the fluidity of your body. Experience a healing massage on the Aqama (warm water) cushion.

Let the stream of every day life slow down while you surrender to a peaceful state of mind, in which you can relax and enjoy. Let yourself float freely on the rhythm of calming sounds and enjoy the flow of this delicious treatment.