RespiRo provides a nurturing environment for individuals to explore healing practises in a transformative safe space. With a diverse range of workshops spanning shamanic bodywork, guided meditations, movement and exploration of healing techniques it is a holistic approach to healing and self-discovery. These workshop ceremonies include exploration and demonstration of conscious touch, (sensual) healing, massage and dearmouring techniques. Robert shares passionately the power of ritual, joy of ceremonial dance, wisdom of working with healing herbs and flowers, the playfulness of body paint and the magic of Totem animals. Different themes as Sacred Masculine or Empowered Feminine welcome either men only/ women only or mixed groups providing the exploration of rebalancing feminine and masculine energies. Rainbow warriors is a workshop theme that incorporates the Orixá Oxumaré, the rainbow spirit from Afro-Brazilian Umbanda tradition. This serpent deity represents the fluidity and harmony of female/male energies and works on transformation and sexology, this Orixá is symbolic for RespiRo Rituals. RespiRo’s global presence reflects its commitment to making healing accessible across different cities worldwide. Over the last years RespiRo presented workshops in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rotterdam, Krakov, Barcelona, Utrecht and Cologne. Coming up: Sao Paolo, Manchester and Zurich. As images speak stronger than words, a slide of photos is added on this page to give an impression what RespiRo Rituals is about.