In 2007 I started exploring sensual massage and Tantra with Body Electric School, Gay Love Spirit and Men in Touch, I started my trainings with Authentic Eros in Berlin in 2014. In a 1 year training and an additional module of Sacred Intimacy I became a certified Sexological Bodyworker.
In 2016 I was invited to do my first workshop in London where I was introduced as touch-therapist and Erotic shaman. Combining my shamanic path, spiritual studies and my background in dance and theatre I created different workshops and rituals with the aime to explore healing and conscious touch, connecting sensuality with spirituality in a safe, colorful ritual in which we celebrate diversity, life and love.
Over the last years RespiRo presented workshops in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rotterdam, Krakov and Barcelona, coming soon Stockholm, Paris, Tel Aviv, Milano, Ibiza and Sao Paolo 

Upcoming event: RespiRo Ritual

A two day journey in which you are welcomed to relax, surrender and enjoy. An invitation to explore healing touch and receive different forms of bodywork. 
On day 1 we open the weekend with a welcoming foot bath ritual aligned with the Mother of Orixás Iemanjá. Sit back, release and recharge.
Shamanic Bodywork on both days invite you to embody yourself, to increase awareness and gain clear focus. 
We will travel through the physical body, connecting 8 different chakras in a guided Totem animal meditation. These meditations I created to empower and reconnect to Spirit animals. Inspired by their qualities and messages we will play with their touch and sound through healing exercises. Following these playful touch exercises we move into an enchanted forest, respiRo jungle, where flowers and herbs are used to purify, cleanse, heal, soothen or activate. We will sing for Jurema and Nature Spirits.
Each day we work towards an exchange of Bodywork, Saturday more Shamanic and Sunday more intimate.

On day 2 we start the day inviting all the colors of the rainbow and serpent deity Oxumaré, through body paint we will create a powerful circle of rainbow warriors, colorful healers and shamans. We will do a Serpent dance and flow into the Belly dance ritual connecting to Pombagira, the empowered Feminin. We will exchange dance & movement and flow into a beautiful and magical flower bath, honoring the sacred and sensual female powers and her healing potencies. 
With all these rich, fertile and enchanting ingredients we open another healing circle of touch and intimacy. Exploring your touch qualities and looking into your needs and desires to receive conscious touch be a sister or brother in a safe and warm environment. We will finish the program with some prayers, ritualistic dance and a short sharing circle. 

Both days you will be pampered, cared for and embraced by RespiRo team and the other participants.  A wonderful home made lunch will be served and throughout the day treats and fruits are available.
Dive into this weekend and recharge, relax and revitalize. Be inspired, touched and enjoy healing powers in a group of like minded brothers and sisters.
For more info regarding the flexible rate please send a personal message.

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