Welcome to RespiRo bodywork.

 On this website you will find information on different forms of healing bodywork and ritualistic workshops. 
This work is designed for men and women to find inner peace, balance, relaxation, tension release and improved energy flow. 

Looking forward to welcome you in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Berlin 
or elsewhere for a beautiful healing experience.

Robert van Ravens.

RespiRo healing bodywork: a free flow of intuitive touch, following spirit guidance, combining physical touch and energy work.

* rooted in dance and body-mind-centering studies in Netherlands and yoga trainings in India.
* 26+ years spiritual and shamanic studies with plant Medicine Ayahuasca in Europe and Brasil.
* trained as holistic massage therapist, certified healer and dearmouring practitioner in Netherlands.
* completed sexological bodywork and sacred intimacy trainings in Berlin
* travelled the world, learning, exploring, sharing and experiencing healing, magic and beauty in its highest forms.


Ibiza May 21 - June 21
Netherlands  June 24 - July 20
Berlin  July 20 - August 13
Netherlands  August 20 - September 31
Ibiza  October 1 - December 2