Ritualistic Bodywork 

the Goddess rituals

Ritualistic sessions that offer a variety of spirited bodywork, each with a specific format and focus. Sessions that are designed to create a safe space in which you are invited to surrender, to relax deeply  and to (re)connect with your own divine being. Each ritual is designed to embody the Goddess within, each Goddess with her own form of healing, her own element, sound and touch. The Goddesses are the deities/ spirits,  so called Orixás, of  Umbanda, an Afro-Brasilian religion that works with the elements of Nature. 

In 2010 I received my initiation into Umbanda as part of my studies with plant medicine Ayahuasca which started in 1997. Many years of intense journeys followed and countless ceremonies throughout Brazil and Europe. In 2014 I started my trainings on sexological bodywork and Sacred Intimacy for men, resulting the creation of my workshops for the Queer community. Specifically inspired by the rainbow deity Oxumaré, a tribe was formed of rainbow warriors, men willing to explore healing touch and conscious intimacy.In 2019, during an Umbanda ceremony in Ibiza dedicated  to the empowered Feminine, Pombagira, I experienced a deep and tremendously powerful awakening. I was instructed to dedicate my work to support the healing of Sisterhood. Sharing my healing touch and Raven magic with women, the sisters who brought so much love, joy, wisdom and inspiration into my life. Ibiza, my second home base, is known to be the island of the warrior Goddess of dance and creation,Tanit, who represents fertility, sexuality and the Moon.This same year I started my studies of Dearmouring, a profound bodywork technique that enables the exploration of what needs loving care, presence and healing touch. Learning and studying on a deeper level the physical and emotional body of a woman has inspired me to create the Goddess rituals.

Cabocla Jurema: A Nature Spirit, indigenous girl who guards the medicine flowers and plants with the ability to communicate with animals.Sage, lavender, rosemary, fern, basel, mint.Mamãe Oxum : Goddess of the sweet waters, all about beauty, sensual in her flow, gentle like a creek, ferocious as a waterfall.Yellow roses, camomile, mimosa, honey.Mamãe Iemanjá : Mother Goddess of Orixás, queen of the salty waters, seas, oceans and our tears. She comforts, heals and nourishes.White rose, jasmin, sea saltPombagira : The street tough mother, gypsy and Sacred prostitute representing the empowered feminine. Sensual, expressive.Red roses, red tulips, champagne, agua florida.

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