Ritualistic Bodywork 

the Goddess rituals

Ritualistic sessions that offer a variety of spirited bodywork, each with a specific format and focus. Sessions that are designed to create a safe space in which you are invited to sink deep into relaxation and surrender to surprising elements of shamanic healing. Each ritual is designed to embody the Goddess within, each Goddess with her own form of healing, her own element, sound and touch. The Spirits, Orixás, Queens or deities are the Goddesses of  Umbanda, an Afro-Brasilian religion, that works with the elements of Nature. The path of shamanic rituals and medicine work opened itself to me in 1997 and has brought me after many journeys to the point where I want to share the inspiration and magic received. In 2010 I got initiated into the Umbanda tradition, where I found the base for these sessions and my workshops. Together with my Medicine tribe we travelled through Europe and Brazil to perform healing ceremonies and workshops.In the Summer of 2019 in my second homebase Eivissa, I experienced a deep and tremendously powerful initiation. during a ceremony dedicated to the Pombagira, Sacred Feminine Sexuality. Being taken care of, supported and loved by my sisters I realised it was time for me to dedicate myself to the the healing of Sisterhood. Ibiza is referred to as the island of the warrior Goddess of dance and creation,Tanit, representing fertility, sexuality and the Moon.This same year I started my current studies of Dearmouring, a bodywork technique that enables you to go deep and explore what needs loving care, presence and healing touch. Learning and studying on a deeper level the physical and emotional body of a woman has inspired me to create the Goddess rituals.

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