* deep healing, releasing, cleansing, nurturing, giving strength and self-confidence.

Mother of Orixás with her comforting and deep healing qualities, Goddess of the salty waters, the oceans, the 7 seas and our tears. Having studied  profoundly her emotional waters and with most of my planets in water signs, it is my honour to offer a loving space in which you are invited to sink deeply into the arms of mother Iemanjá  and surrender to what submerges. Iemanjá connects us to our inner child, she touches our emotions and offers the opportunity to a deep healing and profound cleansing. This ritual starts with a relaxing foot bath ritual, to truly arrive into the present moment, connect to your breathe, release what is needed,  speak and share what wishes to be expressed. Your feet that carry you so loyally will be treated with care, a sea salt scrub will enable old skin to be shedded and a good creme will nourish and pamper them.Enjoy a relaxing and fluent massage on the Aqama (warm water) cushion and feel the flow of soothing currents. This ritual includes a packing of white roses. Feel the generous, subtle and loving touch of the flower petals and listen to soft sounds of the instruments and songs I will sing for you of mermaids, flowers, waters and mother Iemanjá.This ritual provides a warm, safe space and offers an opportunity to release fully and embrace the divine Mother Goddess within.           

120 min session = € 220

Affirmation: With gratitude I bow to the divine Mother. She holds me in her womb and soothens the pains of my heart and the challenges life confronts me with. I enable myself to look deep within and embrace my shadows, sit with the hurt child and comfort her.  I invite the Goddess within to dance with me, welcoming a generous flow of prosperity and abundance. I swim in warm currents on waves that support me, surrounded by mermaids that reflect my beauty, independence and confidence. Mamãe Iemanjá, wash my tears away and open my heart to receive fully the blessings and the beauty of life.  Odoya Iemanjá.

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