Jurema & Oxum

This ritual invites the Nature spirit & protector of healing plants & herbs, the indigenous Cabocla Jurema combined with the sweet embrace of the beautiful Goddess Oxum.The session starts with a smudging of the energetic body and soft whipping with a freshly prepared herb-stick, releasing dense energies and energetic ties. You are invited to lie down comfortably on the massage table for a grounding and fluent massage that will bring you into the present moment and (re)connect you to your body. Followed by a packing of different kinds of healing herbs like rosemary, mint, sage, lavender, basel, citrus etc. depending on the season and location. Experience the texture, the sensations and the deep healing qualities of these plants and open yourself to receive, release and heal. During this process of the ritual I will guide you with medicine songs dedicated to Jurema and will play instruments for a strong and spirited connection. If desired we can invoke Totem animals in a guided meditation I created to empower and encourage. After the herbs are taken off you will feel sensitive, cleaned and open, at this moment we invoke the soothing forces of Mother Oxum. With her soft, gentle and warm energy you will be covered in flower petals of yellow roses and camomile. Soft sounds and loving songs accompany this part of the ritual, soothing, calming and harmonising the physical and energetic bodies, mind and spirit. Relax deeply and feel the blissful vibration of Oxum, the Goddess of sweet waters, that is all about beauty, fluidity and flow into a sensual inner peace… Face massage with pure, essential oils will activate the third eye chakra and finally a foot massage will help ground and connect to the root chakra, gently inviting you back.  

Affirmation: I feel the Goddess within, I praise the Goddess within and celebrate her every day honouring my path, taking care of my body, mind, heart and spirit for the true powers and qualities I have been blessed with. I see, I breathe, I move, I touch, I heal, I am, the Goddess within. I shine bright with grace and gratitude and radiate love and light to all those I encounter.Cabocla Jurema, protect, guide and accompany me on my path. Let your herbs heal me, their leaves touch me, and the roots ground me.. let your flowers enchant me and their smell brighten my every day. Empower me divine sister, dance and sing my tribal songs. Oké CaboclaMamãe Oxum, goddess of sweetness, wealth, waterfalls, fertility, whose colours are yellow and golden. Ora Îe Îe mamãe Oxum.

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