* passionate, sensual healing/ soft dearmouring, pleasure, red roses. (session in progress)
Dive deep into the lush, powerful and passionate dance of the Pombagira and celebrate Sacred Female Sexuality. Pombagira is called upon when help is needed guiding, cleaning and protecting of relationships, she is able to untie and untangle the knots we create with our feelings. She is the face of the empowered feminine and teaches self love and self care. She is seen as a symbol of witchcraft & fertility, the sacred prostitute, goddess of love, sex, success and abundance. Pombagira liberates sexual energies to empower us, she breaks with the taboos of society. Also seen as the Gitana, the travelling Gypsy woman that reads your future, dancing sensually with her skirts, wearing red roses and drinking champagne, celebrating life to the fullest.This is the most intimate of the Goddess rituals, a 2,5 hour session in which soft dearmouring is practised to help you open up and explore the sensual zones of your body and being. This session starts with a flower shower, a bath of magical ingredients that does not only smell divine, it holds prayers and affirmations for you to flourish and bloom.Performed on a futon, this ritual provides a safe and intimate space. With a guided meditation connecting the main seven chakras to seven divine goddesses, inviting their healing powers and qualities. A playful belly dance will help you sink deeper into your body, breathing down to the Muladhara chakra, sensually moving the body, releasing tensions. Your body will be balmed with the purest essential oils honouring your unique beauty and presence. The sensual full body massage is practised in shared nudity, if desired. The final part of this session is a packing of red roses.. Hot stones are used to keep the body comfortably warm and songs for Pombagira will enchant and enlighten the heart, the Anahatha chakra.You are a Goddess, you are a wild woman of heart, you are passion and sensuality embodied. You are a divine creature of beauty, love and light.  

Affirmation: Pombagira liberate me, help me express and embody my sexuality to the fullest. Share your sensual dance with me and let me enjoy my wild woman. I take full ownership of my sacred sensuality. I dance and celebrate, I am an empowered, passionate woman that will be desired, loved, honoured and celebrated. Pombagira, bless my soul and always invite me out to play and dance, make me smile and expand all my wisdom and powers, make me feel proud and cherished.Zigana, let me shine bright and know myself for the playful girl, the sensual woman and wise elder I am. Laroy√© Pombagira

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