RespiRo Ritual

a workshop weekend of 2 individual rituals uniting the Queer brotherhood with the Sisterhood. The RespiRo tribe is happy and humbled to invite the Sacred Sisterhood and celebrate life, magic, healing and intimacy together 🙂
- Opening with the Serpent deity Oxumaré, representing the rainbow and Queer tribe. On this day we meditate on the color spectrum and feel into our needs and desires on an intimate level. We move and dance activating the primal chakras and invite Kundalini energy to spiral up to the heart enabling us to fully embody our beings and stand present and full of Prana.
During playful exercises you will meet each other, connect and explore your healing touch qualities. A special flowerbath will be prepared and shared one on one. A beautiful ritual that you will give and receive, preparing the body and spirit for more intimate bodywork.
After a nice and cosy lunch break we will explore together healing bodywork and massage.
- Sunday we dance and celebrate the Sacred Feminine Sexuality through invoking the Gypsy Spirit of Pombagira. She is seen as the face of the empowered Feminine, the Sacred Prostitute and symbolizes witchcraft, fertility and abundance. She is the protector of relationships and the Queer community.
Starting the day with a guided chakra meditation inviting different Orixás and Nature Spirits into our circle and awareness, helping us to become more present and connected.
We will do a sensual belly dance practice again to become more embodied and playful. We will share the magical flowershower of Pombagira, an enchanting ritual tohonor you past present and future. In the afternoon we move into more sensual healing bodywork. A practice that will be instructed, guided and open for exploration.
Each ceremony closes with a heart circle, sharing thoughts, songs and prayers.

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