Ritualistic Bodywork 

Ritualistic sessions that offer a variety of spirited bodywork, each with a specific format and focus. Sessions that are designed to create a safe space in which you are invited to surrender, to relax deeply  and to (re)connect with your own divine being. Each ritual is designed to embody the Goddess within, each Goddess with her own form of healing, her own element, sound and touch. The Goddesses are the deities/ spirits,  so called Orixás, of  Umbanda, an Afro-Brasilian religion that works with the elements of Nature. 

Jurema & Oxum

Jurema : shamanic, empowering, activating   * Oxum : delicate healing, softness, inner beauty.

This ritual invites nature spirit and protector of healing plants and herbs, the indigenous cabocla Jurema together with the Orixá of sweet waters, the beautiful goddess Oxum. It includes smudging of the energetic body and soft whipping with a freshly prepared herb-stick, releasing and cleansing dense energies and energetic ties. A grounding touch will bring you into the present moment reconnecting you to your body. You will receive a packing of different kinds of healing herbs like rosemary, mint, sage, lavender, basil, citrus, depending on the season and location. Experience the texture and healing qualities of these plants and open yourself to release and heal. During this part of the ritual you will be guided with medicine songs and instruments for a strong and spirited connection. If desired we can invoke Totem animals in a guided meditation I created to empower, inspire and encourage. After this herbal experience the body will feel sensitive, clean and open, ready to receive the soothing forces of Mother Oxum. A full body massage with warm honey oil will nourish the system and have you enjoy your body open heartedly. In this soft, gentle and warm energy you will be covered in flower petals of yellow roses, tulips and camomile. Gentle sounds and loving songs accompany your journey, soothing, calming and harmonising. Face massage with pure, essential oils will activate the third eye chakra and foot massage will help ground and integrate. Experience the deep and blissful vibration of Oxum, goddess of beauty and fertility, and flow into a blissful inner peace… 


deep healing, releasing, cleansing, nurturing, strengthening.     
The mother of Orixás with her comforting and deep healing qualities, goddess of the salty waters, the oceans, seven seas and our tears. Enter a loving space in which you are invited to sink deeply into the arms of mother Iemanjá and surrender to what submerges. Iemanjá connects us to our inner child, she touches our emotions and offers the opportunity to a deep healing and profound cleansing. This ritual starts with a relaxing foot bath ritual inviting you into the present moment, connecting to your breathe, releasing what is needed, opening up and sharing what wishes to be expressed. Your feet will be treated with care, a sea salt scrub will enable old skin to be shedded and nourishing creme will nurture them. A relaxing and fluent massage on the Aqama (warm water) cushion will allow you to drift on a flow of soothing currents. The Iemanjá ritual includes a packing of white roses, jasmine or white tulips. Feel the generous, subtle and loving touch of the flower petals and listen to soft sounds of the instruments and songs of mermaids. This ritual provides a warm, safe space and offers an opportunity to release fully, acknowledge and embrace the divine mother goddess within.


* passionate, sensual healing, soft dearmouring, pleasure, celebration, empowering

Dive deep into the lush, powerful and passionate dance of the Pombagira and celebrate the sacred and empowered feminine.Pombagira can be seen as a symbol of witchcraft and fertility, the sacred prostitute, goddess of love, sex, success and abundance. She is also seen as the travelling gypsy, dancing sensually, wearing red roses and drinking champagne, celebrating life to the fullest. Pombagira liberates sexual energies to empower.The most intimate of the Goddess rituals starts with a sharing on needs, desires and consent on the level of intimate touch. Soft dearmouring is practised to help open up and explore the sensual zones of the body. Indulge in a healing flower shower, a bath of red roses and magical ingredients holding prayers and affirmations for you to flourish and bloom. An invitation to move sensually, dancing an enchanting belly dance, moving your hips and pelvis, fully embodying your female powers. Your body will be anointed with pure essential oils honouring your beauty and femininity. The sensual full body massage provides a warm and lush body experience. Gentle touch inviting you to go deeper into the body guiding towards the honouring of the Yoni. Acknowledging the Yoni through caring, loving touch healing shame, insecurity or pain while staying present, opening the body bit by bit, releasing, relaxing and step by step softening this sensitive area. Express what comes up, feel welcome and celebrated. Final part of this session is a packing of red roses. Songs for Pombagira will enchant and enlighten the heart. The Pombagira ritual is a gift to yourself to fully embody the divine and passionate  being that you are, a true goddess, full of life, passion, power and love.


grounding, healing, cleansing and spirited.

Tanit is a North African warrior goddess, a goddess of dance and creation, representing fertility, sexuality and the Moon. She is known as the ruling goddess of the magical island of Eivissa, Spain. This ritual holds a powerful cleansing through the use of natural healing mud from specific beaches on the island and a body scrub with Ibiza salts. The invitation of this ritual is to go deep into the body and do a powerful introspection. What needs attention, care and love? Healing clay to calm and embrace, warm water to cleanse what needs cleansing and a full body massage to release and relax into a deep space of surrender and peace. Finally a rich packing of herbs and flowers, leaving you refreshed, inspired and enriched.Rosemary, jasmine, sabina, sea salt and healing clay of Eivissa.

Orixás, Spirits, Gods & Goddesses:

Jurema: Nature Spirit, often portrayed as an indigenous girl who guards medicine flowers and plants, with the ability to communicate with animalsA powerful healer, playful and powerful.Sage, lavender, rosemary, fern, basil, mint.                   
Oxum: Goddess of the sweet waters, rich, fertile and sensual in her flow, gentle like a creek, ferocious as a waterfall. 
Yellow/ white rose, yellow tulip, camomile, mimosa, honey.
Iemanjá: Mother of Orixás, goddess of the salty waters, seas, oceans and tears. She comforts, heals and nourishes.
White rose, white tulip, jasmine, sea salt.
Pombagira: Free spirit, street tough mother, gypsy and sacred prostitute representing the empowered feminine. Sensual, abundant, expressive.Red rose, red tulip, champagne, agua florida, cinnamon, clove.
Tanit: North African warrior Goddess of dance and creation, representing fertility, sexuality and the Moon. Ruling goddess of Eivissa, Spain. Rosemary, jasmine, sabina, sea salt and healing clay of Eivissa.
Oxumaré: Rainbow warrior and serpent deity, Two Spirit healer balancing spirit and sexuality. Enabling transformational processes inspiring inner balance, harmony and fluidity. Seven colours of various flowers like roses and tulips, honey.
Oxossi: The hunter, King of the forest, hunts for resources and knowledge. He carries only one arrow, never misses his target. A call for focus, empowerment and inner balance.Fern, bamboo, sage, rosemary, basil.
Ogum: King warrior Orixá, inspiring you to stand strong, empowered and cut ties with the past, old patterns, beliefs or addictions. A invitation to take up your shield and sword and cut the cords that keep you small.Red carnations, sansevieria, basel, rosemary.