Ritualistic Bodywork 

the Goddess rituals

Ritualistic sessions that offer a variety of spirited bodywork, each with a specific format and focus. Sessions that are designed to create a safe space in which you are invited to sink deep into relaxation and surrender to surprising elements of shamanic healing. Each ritual is designed to embody the Goddess within, each Goddess with her own form of healing, her own element, sound and touch. The Spirits, Orixás, Queens or deities are the Goddesses of  Umbanda, an Afro-Brasilian religion, that works with the elements of Nature. 

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Jurema & Oxum

* Jurema : shamanic, empowering, activating, relaxing, herbal  &  Oxum : sweet water, delicate healing, inner beauty, yellow roses.

This ritual invites the Nature spirit & protector of healing plants & herbs, the indigenous Cabocla Jurema combined with the sweet embrace of the beautiful Goddess Oxum.
The session starts with a smudging of the energetic body and soft whipping with a freshly prepared herb-stick, releasing dense energies and energetic ties. You are invited to lie down comfortably on the massage table for a grounding and fluent massage that will bring you into the present moment and (re)connect you to your body. Followed by a packing of different kinds of healing herbs like rosemary, mint, sage, lavender, basel, citrus etc. depending on the season and location. Experience the texture, the sensations and the deep healing qualities of these plants and open yourself to receive, release and heal. During this process of the ritual I will guide you with medicine songs dedicated to Jurema and will play instruments for a strong and spirited connection. If desired we can invoke Totem animals in a guided meditation I created to empower and encourage. After the herbs are taken off you will feel sensitive, cleaned and open, at this moment we invoke the soothing forces of Mother Oxum. With her soft, gentle and warm energy you will be covered in flower petals of yellow roses and camomile. Soft sounds and loving songs accompany this part of the ritual, soothing, calming and harmonising the physical and energetic bodies, mind and spirit. Relax deeply and feel the blissful vibration of Oxum, the Goddess of sweet waters, that is all about beauty, fluidity and flow into a sensual inner peace… Face massage with pure, essential oils will activate the third eye chakra and finally a foot massage will help ground and connect to the root chakra, gently inviting you back.  

120 min session = €220

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* salty waters, clay, deep healing, releasing, white roses.

Mother of Orixás with her comforting and deep healing qualities, Goddess of the salty waters, the oceans and the 7 seas, the mother that dries our tears.
Initiated in this spiritual lineage I have profoundly studied her emotional waters. It is my honour to offer a loving space inviting you to sink into her arms and surrender to what submerges. Iemanjá connects us to our inner child, she touches our emotions and offers the opportunity to a deep healing and profound cleansing. This ritual includes a seasalt scrub enabling old skin to be shedded, preparing the body for rejuvenation. Enjoy a relaxing and fluent massage on the Aqama (warm water) cushion and feel the flow of soothing currents. A full body clay packing provides a space of contemplation and introspection. Body, face and hair will be covered in green, white, yellow, or red healing clay with positive, therapeutical qualities. Some of these clays have been personally collected on the amazing Moon beach in Ibiza. When the clay has been washed off a packing of white roses follows. Feel the generous, subtle and loving touch of the flower petals and listen to soft sounds of my instruments and songs I will sing of mermaids, flowers of waters and mother Iemanjá.This ritual provides a warm and safe space and offers an opportunity to release and embrace the divine Mother Goddess within.            

120 min session = € 220

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* passionate, sensual healing/ soft dearmouring, pleasure, red roses. (session in progress)

Dive deep into the lush, powerful and passionate dance of the Pombagira and celebrate Sacred Female Sexuality. Pombagira is called upon when help is needed guiding, cleaning and protecting of relationships, she is able to untie and untangle the knots we create with our feelings. She is the face of the empowered feminine and teaches self love and self care. She is seen as a symbol of witchcraft & fertility, the sacred prostitute, goddess of love, sex, success and abundance. Pombagira liberates sexual energies to empower us, she breaks with the taboos of society. Also seen as the Gitana, the travelling Gypsy woman that reads your future, dancing sensually with her skirts, wearing red roses and drinking champagne, celebrating life to the fullest.This is the most intimate of the Goddess rituals, a 2,5 hour session in which soft dearmouring is practised to help you open up and explore the sensual zones of your body and being. This session starts with a flower shower, a bath of magical ingredients that does not only smell divine, it holds prayers and affirmations for you to flourish and bloom.Performed on a futon, this ritual provides a safe and intimate space. With a guided meditation connecting the main seven chakras to seven divine goddesses, inviting their healing powers and qualities. A playful belly dance will help you sink deeper into your body, breathing down to the Muladhara chakra, sensually moving the body, releasing tensions. Your body will be balmed with the purest essential oils honouring your unique beauty and presence. The sensual full body massage is practised in shared nudity, if desired. The final part of this session is a packing of red roses.. Hot stones are used to keep the body comfortably warm and songs for Pombagira will enchant and enlighten the heart, the Anahatha chakra.You are a Goddess, you are a wild woman of heart, you are passion and sensuality embodied. You are a divine creature of beauty, love and light.  

150 min = € 280

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