Sexological bodywork for men & Dearmouring for women & men

Sexological Bodywork for men 
Different treatments and workshops designed to experience and explore healing on sexological topics as well as the experience of conscious intimate touch in a safe and respectful environment. The base of these sessions is the Sensual Healing, a wonderful massage session in which the whole body receives touch and attention. An encounter between pleasure and awareness experienced in a sensual full body treatment. For those who experienced the Sensual Healing and would like to explore their sexuality more profound, there are more treatments that can help deepen, extend or intensify the experience of sensual healing and reconnect to your sacred sexuality..

- Tantric Touch: the Taoist erotic massage will deepen the experience by focussing on breathe work and energy circulation.
- Shamanic Eros: an adventurous erotic trip connecting sex with spirit.
- Sacred Intimacy: a ritualistic playground in which you and your sacred sexuality are the center point of an exploring and exciting ceremony.
- Couple sessions: an explorational journey with your partner learning new skills and exploring and enjoying 4 hands touch.

My aim with these sensual healing treatments is bringing back consciousness to sex and touch, combining the spiritual with the sexual, and to facilitate a pleasurable experience that will give you a sensation of joy, of feeling energized and alive. Together we will create a respectful space that will allow you to feel safe and open up.

The term Sexological Bodywork has been created by Joseph Kramer. In 1984, he founded the Body Electric School where he trained thousands of professional massage therapists, erotic bodyworkers and somatic educators.

Healing package: 3 sessions divided over max. 3 months 660 euro / extra hour = 110 euro
4 sessions divided over max. 4 months 900 euro includes a 30 min. intake, 3 or 4 sessions of 120 min., summary of your project, a video/phone call after final session, possible tips/ exercises - 3 sessions divided

Sensual Healing

A warm journey connecting body, emotions and physical sensations. Strong massage and sensual strokes, warm oil, time to really tune in with yourself and release all that is in between you and the present moment. Soft music, gentle touch, foot massage, all to help you relax and release. Massage of the legs and hips to awaken the lower chakras and genital massage to activate a strong flow of Eros. All you have to do is surrender to the richness of this erotic touch and experience the pleasure of feeling alive.
Sexual energy is activated to stimulate circulation, by spreading this energy over your whole body blockages can be removed, the chakra system more aligned and your energy flow stronger. 

100 min. session = 195 euro 

Deep Sensual

Starting the session with an embodiment practice and undressing ritual, thus entering a more intimate atmosphere and feeling of equality. With similarities to the Sensual Healing session but more profound experience in a warm and intimate connection.Signature session, much preferred for the depth, lightness, playfulness and warmth.

100 min. session = 225 euro
120 min. session = 250 euro

Tantric touch

Tantric touch, for the more experienced men who want to deepen and explore their sexuality with awareness. This session offers a warm and sensual massage preparing the body for a strong flow of Eros. Going deeper into physical pleasure through massage, helping you prolong the erotic connection with yourself. Breath is key ingredient in this session, it is the vehicle to a higher connection with yourself, your heart, spirit and your sexuality. It increases energy circulation and will help you release more profoundly, leaving you energised and empowered.
After receiving tantric touch, stimulation and feeling your whole body alive and aroused we will complete the treatment with conscious breath control and clenching of muscles, creating a huge release and opening to a beautiful, and blissful space in which you can surrender, relax and enjoy. 

120 min. session = 250 euro  

Shamanic Eros

A treatment in which sensuality and shamanic influences find each other. A session that can be experienced as a journey through sex and spirit.
Smudging the energy body with healing herbs to evoke spiritual energy and cleanse. Sounds of the drum awaken basic energies, activating the root chakra. Deep breathing and voice work make you disconnect with mind and help you revitalise your spiritual and physical body. Combining massage and healing techniques inviting you to connect to your own spiritual connection. The erotic touch creates a fire that activates the energy system and makes you enjoy your body, making you feel alive and awake.
In this treatment I share my experience from years of ritualistic and shamanic studies. I share the passion and magic encountered during many journeys.

Session can be extended with a 20 min Totem Animal meditation, part of the Shamanic Eros workshop. I created this meditation based on animal wisdom told by Elders in the tradition of Native America. It empowers, encourages and leaves you inspired. 

120 min session = 250 euro 
+ 20 min. meditation = 280 euro 

Body Flow

A fertile and intense session in which Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is combined with stretching and sensual massage. The practitioners body is used as a tool to create maximum pressure and Intimacy. The session starts with a short guided meditation to get to a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness, followed by hands on work, fluently flowing into the BodyFlow. A surprising, blissful, and intense sensual experience.
This session includes close body contact creating a strong sense of connection, care and trust. The BodyFlow massage is done on a floor mattress which demands a certain level of flexibility and fitness. A rich and exquisite nude massage technique created by Andy Saich, pioneer of Tantric work since 1990. 

120 min. session = 250 euro  

Sacred Intimacy

Sacred Intimacy may be understood as a research area in which sexuality, spirituality, playful intimacy and emotions find each other. An open space in which we focus on the sacredness of intimacy and sexuality, your personal relationship with sexuality; history, present and future, discussing it, encouraging it and celebrating it. A safe container is created in which you can feel free, protected and relaxed. An invitation to open your heart, to share and express your wishes, dreams and desires, without shame or prejudice.
Combinations of bodywork, meditation, breath, gentle touch, sensual massage, warm hugs, all can be ingredients of a Sacred Intimacy session. Certain exercises can be exchanged giving the opportunity to experience touch with awareness, to experiment and explore. You can prepare yourself by thinking of an intention for this session, something you would want to work on or work with.
Live your sexuality without blocking your spirituality and vice versa. Sacred Intimates work with the intersection of body, Eros, emotion and spirit. We see the power of pleasure as a healing experience, and we are committed to supporting pathways to sexual freedom and erotic abundance.

120 min session = 330 euro 
180 min session = 490 euro

Couple sessions

Explore together with your buddy or partner and enhance your intimacy life. Learn new skills in touch and enjoy the full attention of a 4 hands massage. A warm and playful experience in which you will see your partner in a new light. Space to discuss your needs and desires and experiment with massage and healing touch. Worship and treat your beloved for the glorious being he is. Celebrate together the preciousness of your relation-ship. 

120 min session = 290 euro 
180 min session = 420 euro

Sexual Dearmouring (women and men)

Sexual dearmouring with soft-touch technique inviting the body to open gently, slowly and respectfully. It is preferably performed on the nude body as massage oil can be used. Sexual dearmouring is for those that have done some form of healing bodywork and have clear intentions on what they want to work on. These sessions may include the healing power of pleasure, enabling you to relax and surrender while going deep into your healing experience, it will help release and bare with possible physical or emotional pains. In a dearmouring session you are invited to release repressed emotions, energetic and physical trauma, tensions and blockages in a healthy, loving and safe way. You will be guided in breathe and movement held and cared for with loving attention, I will be present with dedication, soft nurturing touch and open heart, sharing my skills, knowledge and experience. Sexual dearmouring can only take place after a process of preparation and in good consultation. It helps to free the body, leading to healing, relaxation and inner peace. A soft pressure, with intention and focus, that opens up the body, releasing and healing at the speed of the body, without trying to force anything to happen. Using a soft touch honours the body’s boundaries, creating a space of safety and trust, When we move at the speed of the body, respecting its needs for gentleness and softness, we can create a space where miracles of healing can occur.

60 min. = 125 euro - min. 2 hours

Healing package: 3 sessions divided over max. 3 months 660 euro / extra hour = 110 euro
 4 sessions divided over max. 4 months 900 euro includes a 30 min. intake, 3 or 4 sessions of 120 min., summary of your project, a video/phone call after final session, possible tips/ exercises - 3 sessions divided