Healing Bodywork

A Combination of massage and healing techniques with the intention to improve your physical and energetic well being. Sessions consist of intuitive touch, holistic massage, dearmouring techniques and channeling of energy through spiritual guidance. Re-balancing, activating and harmonising, inviting you to release, relax and recharge.       
Sessions start with an intake inviting you to share needs and desires. A space to tune in and customize your personal session. 
Lie down and surrender to the sound of singing bowls and the soothing smoke of lavender and white sage. Experience holistic bodywork and enjoy the sensations and benefits of healing touch. 

Healing Massage

A healing massage consists of a combination of massage and healing techniques. Holistic massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi strokes or Shiatsu pressure points to improve physical well being. Dearmouring touch to help release and healing techniques to improve and rebalance the energy body, removing obstacles of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.                                              
The combination of physical and energetic work will enhance your own authentic energy to flow freely again, through your body and trough your life.

Shamanic healing

Sessions that invite a deep spiritual space to explore and connect with guides, totem animals and ancestral lineages. Specifically in this session I tune in with my path of Shamanism using tools gathered during many years of ceremony and in guidance of our spirit guides. Accompanied by a variety of instruments you are invited to sink deep into relaxation and find overview and inspiration on your current situation. Besides the cleansing (smudging) with herbs, healing water, gems or flowers can be used. Where necessary  energy will be activated, harmonised or soothed. This session can include a meditation of Totem animals created to inspire and support. 


The practice of dearmouring is as old as the shamanic tradition and has many different forms, it is a healing art which has been practiced under different names in various traditional cultures around the world. Dearmouring is a bodywork technique that helps release blockages, patterns, trauma and beliefs that disconnects you from yourself, prevents you from fully living, fully being who you truly are.  We all carry armour, it is created throughout life to protect us from unwanted energies and enables us to move through the world with a sensation of protection. While this protection is there to help  us, it also hinders life force from flowing freely throughout the body, ultimately hardening and desensitising it.Dearmouring is a holistic healing therapy which utilises breath, sound, movement, touch, massage, pressure points and can include stretching, shaking, talk-therapy and exercises.  
More on dearmouring of the sexual organs, sexual dearmouring on sexological bodywork & sexual dearmouring page.
For more information on dearmouring ; www.the-gaia-method.com by Susanne Roursgaard.

Chakra Healing

Chakra translated from Sanskrit means wheal and stands for different energy centres in the body. The main 7 chakra's are of great importance regarding the well-being of body and spirit. Each chakra has its own physical function as well as emotional. It is useful to check in on the condition of these energy points and to rebalance them.                                           With a crystal pendulum the energetic field of these 7 chakras will be measured in order to compose the treatment. Focus may be grounding, harmonising, removing of blockages, all with the intention of reconnecting the energetic body with the physical body realising a sensation and understanding of presence and harmony. 

Aqama massage

A full body experience in which fluent massage strokes like Hawaiian Lomi Lomi techniques help you connect with the fluidity of your body. A unique healing experience on the Aqama (warm water) cushion. The warmth helps the physical body release while the sounds and movement of water inspires to relax and disconnect.
Let the stream of every day life slow down while you surrender to a peaceful state of mind, in which you can relax and enjoy. Let yourself float freely on the rhythm of calming sounds and enjoy the flow of this delicious treatment.