An explorational safe space and platform for Queer men, occasionally including women, to explore and experience healing techniques in a playful and sacred way. The base of RespiRo rituals lie in the Queer community with the guidance of Orixá Oxumaré, the rainbow spirit. This serpent deity represents the fluidity and harmony of female/male energies and works on transformation and sexology.Workshops include shamanic bodywork, guided meditations, exploration and exchange of healing techniques, movement and dance, working with healing herbs and flowers, body paint rituals and demonstration and exchange of (sensual) healing bodywork including massage and dearmouring techniques. Themes of workshops have been the sacred masculine, empowered feminine, tantric touch, rainbow warriors, shamanic Eros and more.Over the last years RespiRo presented workshops in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rotterdam, Krakov, Barcelona and Cologne.